Your cost-effective resource for creating and implementing your PR strategy


Do you know you need to be doing PR but don’t have the budget to employ a consultant to do it for you?

Or you don’t know where to start?

We offer a VERY cost-effective way of working with high level PR consultants to help you prepare your PR strategy and implement it successfully.


How To Do Your Own PR

A Digital PR Course


A structured, easy to follow PR training course for anyone who is not a PR professional, but needs to learn how to effectively use PR for their business or as part of their role within the business. This is a 5 module digital course that can be completed in your own timescale and will provide everything you need to start harnessing the power of PR for your business.


PR Strategy Creation

A 1:1 PR Service


This bridges the gap between the expense of using a PR Agency to do it all for you and having to do it all yourself. Having learned about your business and understood your objectives, we provide the high level PR experience to create an effective strategy, which can then be implemented by yourselves or someone less experienced in PR.

Our PR strategy and training resources:


  Help you find ways to raise your profile

  Show you how to do it effectively

 Keep you accountable for great results


  “The best usually are right and the best decision I ever made was to work with Marvellous PR. You have to get someone to do PR for you or you have to GET GOOD AT IT yourself. In either case you NEED Marvellous PR. I am determined and follow a HABIT every week to get a PR piece out there and we are reaping the results nationally. In 4 days we had 5 articles published, including Daily Mail and The Guardian which brought in 176 applications for lessons nationally – and 18 franchise enquiries. In monetary terms that’s £50k!

Jane Maudsley, Little Voices

  “Marvellous PR demystify the world of PR, making it clear that anyone can have a go and it need not cost a fortune!”

Suzanne Mitchell, Swale Dale Country Holidays

 Simply the best PR material I have used: they explains thing with clarity and simplicity. It’s so easy to follow – a god send to my business.

Laura Beynon, Dot-to-Dot Marketing

  “Marvellous PR are PR Geniuses – gave me the confidence to just get on with it. Whatever happened to the fluffy PR stuff? Marvellous PR is the new face of PR!

Laura Moxham, Your Business Angels