We are PR experts here to help you tell the world how MARVELLOUS you are – without boasting.

Unlike other agencies, you can choose to work with us in one of four ways, according to your budget and needs

  • We can do it all for you: PR, Social Media and Content Management
  • You can choose a specialist package working with your own dedicated account manager
  • Do it yourself by signing up to the Accelerator Programme
  • We can guide and advise you how to do it through our Mentorship Groups

How can we help you?

We’d love to discuss your PR needs and help you decide which way we can best help you.

“The school was suffering from falling enrolment, a poor image and was close to financial insolvency. After 18 months of PR its image improved dramatically and enrolment doubled.”

Tony Barlow – St George’s International School, Luxembourg

How you can work with us

“You have to get someone to do PR for you or you have to get good at it yourself. In either case you need Lucy Matthews.”

Jane Maudsley, Little Voices

Specialist Leisure, Food & Tourism PR

Working closely with you every month to make sure we achieve what you want, we do everything from identifying your target audience, honing down your messages, planning your PR strategy and working until the results are in.

Specialist Property PR

If your business is property-related and you want to be featured in the property sections of the local, national and trade media, we will do everything you need to get you in there. We have specialised in property for over 17 years, and know all the journalists and the strategies you need to get your brand included in their influential articles.

PR Package for Authors

You can have written the best book ever, but if nobody hears about it – then what was the point? Our Author’s PR Package will help you to identify angles for use in editorial content and then transform it into newsworthy editorial for approval.

Do Your Own PR

You cannot afford NOT to be using PR. Think about your competitors. Which ones are seriously successful? How did they get, and stay there? They will definitely be working with journalists to tell their story to their potential customers – and yours. And these buyers are going to THEM rather than YOU as a result. Our course, using over 34 years’ experience doing PR for every type of business, will teach you how you can get those journalists writing about YOU, successfully.