Are journalists ignoring you?

Or worse still… Are they ‘blasè’ about you? Nigel Botterill, owner of Entrepreneur’s Circle wrote in one of his Circulars: “Of all the possible reactions your prospects or customers might have to you (AND FOR THIS READ JOURNALISTS TOO!) the one you want least is blasè. It’s better that they hate you – at least then they’ll talk about you sometimes and you might arouse someone’s curiosity.”

Blasè: (adj.) unimpressed with, or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before

He’s absolutely right. For journalists to recognise your value, and the reason they should use you in their on or offline publications, you need to:

  • come off the fence
  • say something that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • illustrate it with a relevant image or an infographic so your target journalists WANT to use you.

This was illustrated brilliantly by the results we achieved for one of our clients. Very briefly, he is young and new to the market (property), he has an information-based website and wants to get it noticed and linked to other important websites etc. There was a big announcement in the property world, which had already had quite alot of comment from the ‘high klout experts’ in the market. He came at it from a different angle, said some quite controversial things (politely of course!) and illustrated it with a clear and informative infographic. The immediate results (and I stress, this was from a standing start, he had done NO PR before so the journalists did not know him) were brilliant and in many cases it was the infographic which was used more than the comment:
which is exactly what he was after!

Lessons to learn?

Avoid making ANYONE you come across in your world blasè about you.

And use GOOD, INFORMATIVE, HIGH RES infographics as the picture is often what grabs the journalists’ attention – as well as their readers!