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​Devon based Management consultancy firm Azimuth wins new business following advice from Marvellous PR

Tim Dewing runs a management consultancy firm based in Dartmouth, South Devon. He has been in business for nearly 30 years.


Azimuth Management Consultancy focuses on the strategic development of small and medium sized businesses. Tim works with senior management teams to implement quick wins and structural change for sustainable business growth. He works with businesses in all sectors but has significant experience in the food and drink, professional services, construction, manufacturing and charity sectors.

Despite being in business for many years and working with lots of PR agencies, Tim found he wasn’t achieving the coverage he should for himself and his business and wanted to raise his profile. Tim met Lucy whilst learning to speak Spanish in an evening class! Away from learning how to order meals and find the museum whilst travelling in Spain, Tim says that Lucy opened his eyes to the true value of PR and how he could do it strategically now for himself.

Through working with Tim to create his PR strategy for Azimuth and himself, Lucy gave him insightful pointers on how he could build up his LinkedIn profile and the importance of engaging with his target audience, and their influencers, on other social media channels.

Tim applied the advice straight away and immediately gained some incredible media coverage following the first press release he wrote.

He comments:

We all know we need to do PR. We recognise when someone has great PR, but most of us don’t know where to begin! Lucy Matthews’ Marvellousity Group helped me to get started.  

“Through attending the weekly sessions, I gathered all the resources and guidance I needed to identify my target audience, work up relevant and interesting messages and send them out regularly to the right people. Within days of writing my first press release I was in the local press and on BBC Radio. My profile has been boosted in exactly the way we planned and I have gained some valuable new business as a result. Thank you Lucy,” he says.

As a member of the Marvellousity Group, Tim finds the one to one attention, support and ability to bounce ideas off other members of the group very instrumental in helping to enhance the profile of his business.

Tim continues:

“The support of the weekly Marvellousity Group zoom calls is invaluable! We receive guidance on strategy, practical hints and tips, and there is a strong peer group interaction between members from a broad range of sectors. Lucy gently, but firmly, holds us accountable for the actions we agreed to complete and that drives results! For owner, managers or sole traders this is the perfect support mechanism for boosting and maintaining your profile!

“If you follow the great advice from the Marvellousity Group, you get results! I love everything I have learnt from Lucy and her colleagues – without it I would be wondering why someone else was on the radio, and gaining new business, when it could have been me!”

It has been a real pleasure working with Tim, helping to define and promote his company identity, which he has worked so hard to create over so many years.

The business profile was already there but needed guidance in shouting about it to the right people,” Tim says. “Working with Marvellous PR has enabled me to secure fantastic coverage that could have easily gone to a competitor had I not come across them.”

For more information about working with Lucy to create a PR strategy, or joining the Marvellousity mentoring groups and how we can help your business, please visit https://www.marvellouspr.co.uk

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