Celebrity Endorsement makes Matt’s Pepper’s Happiness Book a sell-out!

Our client Matt Pepper‘s book, Happiness: The Inside Job, provides all the tips and tricks a reader needs to turn their frowns upside down. Last week it was reviewed by the band Coldplay on Twitter and Facebook as being ‘insightful and inspiring’ – which made him very happy indeed!

In less than 20 minutes the book had sold out on Amazon in both the US and the UK. So much so that there was a waiting list! Matt then launched his own competition as an apology to Coldplay fans.

So what is the book all about and is it possible to simply get happy when the pressures of jobs, politics, mortgages and relationships are upon us all?

Author and practitioner Matt Pepper, reckons so. He has spent 20 years researching, learning and practising tools and techniques which have enabled him to help his clients live a happy and fulfilled life. In Happiness: The Inside Job, he has collected all of this knowledge together into one place to give an understanding of how to enjoy life. Here’s how he believes we can all have a happy outlook.

1. Fire up your own happiness

Be in charge of how happy you are and find ways to raise yourself up. Say goodbye to believing that circumstances have to dictate how you feel. You have the power to change how you are feeling.

2. Expose your Ta-Daa!

Be the real you again – the person you were born to be. Live life as your brilliant self, expressing your uniqueness, dumping any fronts which you thought you needed to function and be happy in your own shoes.

3. Tend your emotional garden

Nurture and grow your own positive emotions, doing what it takes to feel your best and weeding out any unwanted negative emotions. You have the power to improve how you feel.

4. Jump on the groovy train of thought

Fill your mind with good-feeling happy thoughts and stop allowing it to get clogged up with negative ones. Learning to ‘think great’ is a game-changer. You can change both the way you think, and what you think, so you become in charge of your better thoughts

5. Listen to your wise old gut

Learn to follow your gut and know what is right for you. Tune in and really listen to what your wise old gut is telling you, Because it always knows what is best. This way your best life possible will unfold naturally.

6. Turn your muck to luck

Learn to bounce back from the worst of times and create your own best of times. Creating a clear, calm perspective on what your life is all about and see the best in people, situations and your future.

7. Pimp up your purpose

By doing what makes you feel good and discovering your passions you will be inspired to jump out of bed each day to follow your dreams.

Matt’s book can be purchased from all good online and high-street book stores. www.mattpepper.com