Do Your Own PR

Everyone needs to be doing PR. For your personal success as well as that of your business.

If your budget does not stretch to having us do it for you, then this is for you!

Lucy has created a mentoring service using her 34+ years’ experience as a PR consultant. It gives you all her secrets, tips, tricks and skills honed from years of working with a huge range of clients in B2B and B2C markets, around the world, from industrial floor cleaning manufacturers, to football clubs; property developers to therapists; Pepsi to pasta ready meals; photographers to authors; big businesses to entrepreneurs and small start-ups; helping them all to build their profile, make more sales and put themselves ahead of their competitors.

The Lucy Matthews’ Profile Accelerator Programme is a system in three parts

  1.  How to Find and Tell Powerful Stories
  2. How to Get Your Business Featured In The Media
  3. Publicity Template Toolbox.

The aim of the whole programme is to give you all the tools, and confidence, to lift yourself, and your business out from the shadows, so that journalists can find you, and use you for comments and stories and your potential customers start to see you for the expert you are and come banging on your door to work with you.

If you work your way all through the material, by the end you will have discovered how you can leverage the power of the media to seriously grow your profile and business to the heights you dream of and you will have your own strategic PR and social media plan to get you there. All you have to do is make the time each week to implement it.


The Profile Accelerator Programme cost is £1500+vat up front or £400+vat per month for 4 months

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Benjamin Franklin

Do you want to learn how to do your own PR?