Dogs are good for PR

It’s official. Fluffy, bouncy adorable little puppies will win you friends – and possibly influence people! As long as they like dogs of course. Dale Carnegie should have added it in his ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ book.

This was last weekend after Roly’s first trip to Dartmoor and swim in the river. Wet, cold and exhausted! I think we spoke to everyone in the pub that evening – they all wanted to stroke him!

Since Roly’s appearance in our lives (3.5 weeks ago) we have many more friends, people stop us in the street to stroke him and ask what breed he is, and I am tempted to take him to new business pitches and journalist meetings as our extra ammunition to swing the deal and get the story run!

OK so the last bit is a joke, but it is interesting how being a dog owner is making certain people view us in a different way. Again, it is influencing people’s opinions of us.

Has the same thing happened to you? Tell me your stories.