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It’s all very well knowing that you need to be producing content for your blog, but how do you know that it’s what people are looking for? After all, writing something about your business that you find utterly fascinating might be a quick and easy read for someone but it isn’t going to generate that sought-after engagement and it certainly isn’t going to inspire loyalty.

What you need to do is to produce content that people are hungry to consume. Content that informs and educates; ensuring that they know YOU are the go-to expert, inspiring sales, leads, and interaction.

The easiest way to do that is to know exactly what people are looking for and how you can fulfill that need. Now, if people are looking for ‘ways to update my kitchen for under £10’ and you’re someone that trains dogs – it’s unlikely to be useful content is it? So how do you narrow it down to fit with your expertise and your business objectives? There are some really easy ways of doing it – and although it might take up some of your valuable time to research, it could really help to craft a blog schedule for 2020.

Now the other reason you need to be ensuring you know exactly what the trends are in searches, is a little something called BERT. BERT is Google’s latest search algorithm and makes the search engine far better at understanding the nuances and context of words in searches and is better at matching those queries with more relevant results. It’s said to be impacting one in 10 of all search queries in terms of changing the results that rank for those queries.

So to ensure that you are working with BERT in the best way possible, keep your writing natural. Drop the formalities and be yourself. A blog is a place where the corporate speak can be dropped altogether.

So the key thing is to find out what people want to know. Answer it in your own voice. Keep in mind though that people’s needs change and it’s worth checking back to see how the trends have changed and developed. Making sure you are always ahead of the game.

Here are some tools that we highly recommend:

Answer The Public

This is a wonderful tool. We use this almost on a daily basis! Answer The Public is completely free and should be bookmarked as a weekly check-in for you. Put in topic – let’s say PR – and then press search. Find out what people are looking for and then provide the answer as a blog topic. Could it be easier?!



You will be familiar with this as it’s something that will always appear on page one of any search you’ve done in Google. This is the perfect place to see what questions people are asking and to answer them too. If you add your topic in there it’ll show you what people are asking and what has the highest number of answers. You can use them as blog ideas – and you can also share your expertise.



Sounds too simple? If you type your topic into Google then you’ll see on the page something called ‘People Also Ask’. It’s a tap right into the mind of all of those other search engine users.

Pinterest Seasonal Insights

At the end of 2019, Pinterest reported having 322 million monthly active users worldwide. So with all of those users they have huge amounts of data to compile.  More recently, if you’re a product based business then Pinterest have also rolled out Shop the Look ads, allowing advertisers to tag up to 25 items in an image, and added a “Shop” tab to business profiles that enables people to shop items directly from a business’s profile.

To gather ideas for your pinterest strategy for 2020 check out their Seasonal Insights for 2019 here.

Google Trends

This is so easy to use. You can look at the trends for today, the last few hours or even the year – whatever you need. Remember to set it to the country you’re interested in and have a play around with it. You can break it into categories and really get down to the nitty gritty.