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What this group is and why we know it could help you

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Do you see your competitors quoted everywhere and feel it should be you! You are as expert as (better than?) them. Why are the media going to them and not you?

Because they are investing their time in PR! Working with journalists to tell their story in front of your potential customers! Stealing your limelight.

This could be you – with our help! We want to help marvellous people like you to become marvellously known, because the world needs good people like you to rise.

Not just online, which is the way most low budgets enable, but also offline, where the best results and credibility is earned!

Imagine the amazing feeling when you first see your name in the publication you have been aiming for:

YOU are the expert.

YOU are being quoted.

People are reading about YOU.

And journalists are asking for YOUR opinion on your world.

Join The Marvellousity Group – We’ll Support You

Come into the Marvellousity Community

A private Facebook Group to connect, share, celebrate, moan, learn and grow your business

Monthly online PR inspiration meetings

Bring a challenge or just come along for a virtual cuppa

Resources library

Highly valuable resources to help you build your profile and get known off line as well as online

Only £0/month

Reduced to be free to help all businesses during Coronavirus

*no obligation re length of membership

PR Tool Insights

Group meetings on specific PR topics

PR for Profits Workbook

Your own digital copy of the very valuable Marvellous PR for Profits Formula Copyright-Symbol-R  workbook giving everything you need to do your own PR in one big book to fill in yourself.

Reduced rates on courses

Save money on developing your skills and knowledge of PR and how it works when you attend the many courses and events run by Marvellous PR through the year

PR on demand

Relax in the knowledge that your membership means there is always a PR expert on hand 24/7 to help you with any project/crisis/event you have coming up

Only £0+VAT/month

Reduced to be free to help all businesses during Coronavirus

*no obligation re length of membership

The Value Your Membership Gives You

Come into a group with similar interests/challenges and needs who are genuinely supportive and generous with their knowledge and experience.

The comfort of knowing that you now have the best possible secret weapon in your marketing armoury. Professional help with all your PR requests and projects giving you the best possible chance of good media coverage and experience.

You can openly and honestly share your greatest PR challenges – as well as your successes and get support, feedback and hopefully answers

Direct access to Lucy and her colleagues through the community and the regular zoom calls through the month. Which means that you can relax knowing that you have the best possible secret weapon in your marketing armory. All your requests and projects will be dealt with totally professionally and you will have the best possible chance of good media coverage.

Learn strategies and skills to improve your visibility on and offline and get yourself and your business known.

What do current members love about Marvellousity

“Not only have I been featured in three publications this month – one of them being Global Banking and Finance Review, this prompted BBC Radio Essex to get in touch and they have invited us onto the Radio for their mid-morning show! We are so excited, and I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without the confidence you gave me in my story, and of course the contacts! Thank you again for everything you have done for us.”

Charlie Day

founder of Sounds Right Phonics Classes

“I connected with Lucy as soon as she spoke at the “Your Nursery Business” conference in Birmingham. PR is something that I definitely needed assistance with and being part of Lucy’s group has without a doubt been one of the best investments that I have ever made. I have learnt so much already and between us we have come up with so many ideas on how to promote the nursery and raise it’s profile.”

Carmen Robert Davenport

Corwen Day Nursery

“Lucy and her Marvellous PR team’s input has become invaluable to us. Since Lucy has been working with us, I believe she has helped us to turn the business around. She showed us how to put together professional press releases and over the last two months, we have been featured four times in our local newspaper – that would probably equate to spending over £1,000 in advertising. In our regular group meetings with Lucy new ideas come forth about events to organise and ways we can do different things to advertise our business and get people talking about us. We discuss all sorts of things which I had never even dreamed of trying and it is paying off financially for us.”

Liz Francis

Hopscotch Nursery