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What it is and how can you use it to help get the media to love and use you!

Nobody’s going to argue against the power of PR.


Lucy and CharlieWe’ve all seen it used time and again by entrepreneurs, fuelling the growth of their companies with free advertising through PR.

Steve Jobs was a master of PR, repeatedly getting the world’s media to broadcast his product launch keynotes as the lead story of the day.

Writing her best-selling book, A Marvellous Reputation, Lucy worked closely with Charlie Mullins, who’s built his business, Pimlico Plumbers – on the back of a really smart PR strategy.

On a more local level, there are 100s of businesses right across the UK who have mastered PR and use it to build their brand, attract more customers and justify higher prices than their competitors.

As business owners we know that PR can be used powerfully to help grow our businesses, the only problem is that we don’t know how to get it.

Our PR strategy is one of hope. We wait for the phone to ring. We wait for the email from a journalist. Nothing happens.

It’s easy to attract PR, after all, there’s more media now than ever before and it’s a machine that constantly needs feeding with new stories.

There are plenty of journalists who are looking for stories from people like you, stories about businesses like yours.

The problem is that they don’t find you, because they don’t know who you are.

You see, PR is about PROFILE. It’s easy for celebrities to get coverage because they are so well-known.

If you Google yourself and somebody else comes up on the first page, that’s what a journalist is going to see when they research your story.

Not good.

What exactly is the Introduction to PR Course?


Are you running your own business and need to get your customers to know you’re there? Or are you now taking on PR as part of your job role?

You know you need to be doing PR – but not sure exactly what it is, how it works, and how on earth to do it and where to start?


You’re in the right place.

This is the course for you.

Lucy Matthews has been a PR expert for over 35 years for 1000s of clients, across a multitude of businesses and market sectors, globally. She knows exactly what it is, how it works, where it fits into the wider marketing mix, how social media fits in and how to use PR cleverly to make the most of its HUGE value for building the profits of your business.

This course brings all her expertise, ideas, tricks and tips to you on a plate!  In 5 easy to follow modules you will have it all. In a VERY straight-talking, un-fussy and simple way.

Lucy shows how to get real ROI (return on your investment) out of PR – an issue many people find hard to grasp with using PR, showing you what to avoid so you don’t waste your time and money.

Full of real-life experiences and case studies which have actually worked and brought huge profits to her clients, this is not a stuffy reference book! It’s a fun and VERY valuable learning tool which you can whip through quickly and then get started in YOUR world.

MODULE 1: What is PR?

 What’s the difference between PR and marketing and how does social media fit in?

MODULE 2: Talent

How to hone your story and create compelling hooks 

MODULE 3: Appeal

How to become super attractive to editors and write press releases that work

MODULE 4: Audience

How to define your market

MODULE 5: Media

How to identify your target media who will love and use your material

PLUS you will have:

  • An Action Pad with 36 exercises to help you get real clarity on what you are doing
  • A sample pack of 17 successful press releases that you can copy and use
  • Crib sheets you can cut out and have near you for:
    • how to define your target audience
    • how to pitch your story to TV, radio and on and offline journalists
    • how you can help journalists use you more often
    • other tactics to get you opportunities for journalists to write about you

What makes this different from other PR support around?


This is completely different. This is education.

Lucy’s Introduction to PR Course is a transfer of skills, from her to you. She will teach you what she’d be doing to build your profile and attract publicity for you and your business, but she won’t be doing it for you.

It’s the classic “teach a man to fish” parable.

It’s easier for her to sell you the net than it would be for her to do all the work, and that’s why you can buy the whole course from her – including everything you need, to learn how to consistently generate valuable press coverage for your business – for a steal.

So how much does it cost?


The course will cost you just £247+VAT. That includes everything – the course, the workbook, the press release templates, a signed copy of Lucy’s best-selling book – everything.

Lucy has spent the last 35 years learning about PR, and she has packed it all up for you in an easy-to-consume 5 module course.

£247 would probably not even pay for a one-off small ad in some industry magazine!  And if you invest that with Lucy, she’ll teach you how to get 20 or 50  times that coverage in that exact same publication, without spending a penny.

PR is more important now than it ever has been.

If you’re in business and you haven’t got a clear strategy that’s working for you to build your profile and get positive coverage for your company, then I’d urge you to take action now.

Hit the order button now, and you can be creating your strategy and getting going with it in only a few days!

 “I bought Lucy’s course when it first launched, as immediately I could see the value and thought it was the perfect way to maintain PR support for my business. The advice and value I have got from it has been worth far more than the initial investment in the course – it has paid for itself at least 10 times over. It’s great to know I have that resource always there to use and my profile as an expert in my industry is growing as a result.” 

Jez Rose – The Behaviour Expert

 “This is marvellous, timely and effective advice. The message is clear: if you follow the advice, develop a plan, ask for help when you are not sure, and get on with it your message will be heard!”

Tim Dewing – Azimuth Management Consultancy

“You have to get someone to do PR for you or you have to GET GOOD AT IT yourself. In either case you NEED Lucy Matthews. Through learning from her and building solid relationships, I am determined and follow a HABIT every week to get a PR piece out there and we are reaping the results nationally. In 4 days we had 5 articles published including the Daily Mail and the Guardian which brought in 176 applications for lessons nationally and 18 franchise enquiries. In monetary terms that’s £50k!”

Jane Maudsley – Little Voices

“I really wouldn’t have been able to do this without the confidence you gave me in my story. After the success of my first press release, I thought there was no chance that my second press release would trump it!!!! But how wrong was I! After the story got picked up by The Birmingham Daily Mail and a few other local Birmingham newspapers, it was then featured in The Metro, The Sun and even a real-life magazine! We just can’t believe how well it has done!”

Charlie Day – Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids

“This is absolutely choc-full of things you need to know about all aspects of PR … not just press releases but ALL aspects of Public Relations.  Step by step all the way, any business owner will benefit from keeping this to hand!”

Lesley Beagley

“Enlightening and easy to follow. If you don’t do PR you should! Having been in business for many years I assumed PR was for the bigger boys and you needed £££££ to do it – you don’t! From the large corporate to the SME/one-man band, you’ll get lots of positive and constructive data to turn you into a PR MACHINE!”

Neil Dudman – Pear Tree Nursery

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lucy Matthews and know first-hand that her PR and motivational skills are second to none. This is one piece of PR you and your company cannot afford to miss.”

Helen Griffin