PR Mentorship

Whether you have been ‘in’ business for a while, you have just launched and are looking at ways to grow your reputation, or you are having a re-fresh or re-branding exercise, you cannot deny the need for PR. How else can you get your message heard above all that noise – and for a fraction of the cost of an advertising campaign? And with MUCH more value!

But PR can be a demanding business in itself. Your customers are accessing multiple online and offline channels on an almost constant basis, so knowing:

  • which ones are best to use,
  • who to contact and
  • how best to keep your brand visible and positively received

can be tricky for the busy business owner.

That is why we have designed our PR Mentorship Package.

Many entrepreneurs, especially those at the helm of a start-up or small business, neglect PR or forget to implement any kind of strategy, as they don’t have the time – or it slips into a secondary priority.

Our PR Mentorship is designed to be a ‘holding hand’ in your business. And a way to keep you accountable so you are doing PR regularly – which is the only way to make it work for your business.

We personally guide you through the PR process so that you can implement it yourself (which keeps the costs down), with us there to help where needed.

“Lucy’s a PR Genius – gave me the confidence to just get on with it. Whatever happened to the fluffy PR stuff? Lucy is the new face of PR!”

Laura Moxham, Your Business Angels

What do we offer?

  • Exclusive membership limited to 5 per group – all from the same or similar sector as you
  • Geographically your businesses will not be competing therefore you can learn from each other during the mentorship sessions
  • Two group Zoom calls with us, for 45 mins each per month at a pre-arranged time
  • Your press releases checked by us to make sure they are exactly what journalists want
  • We find you the best contacts in the target media for your business sector

Cost : £150+VAT/month each

In addition:

We can send you a selection of relevant PR opportunities in your target media, to react to throughout each month. This way you build your own contacts in the secure knowledge that you are approaching media that are already interested in your story.

Cost : £350+VAT/month each

We are currently looking for the following businesses to join our PR mentorship programmes:

  • Property professionals
  • Bed and Breakfast / Air BnB businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Salons/hair/beauty businesses