PR On Demand

Having no PR help means your target audience doesn’t know how to buy from you

You know that newsworthy things happen in your business throughout the year. But they do not occur every month. Which means that you probably don’t need PR in place all year round.

However, when you DO have some news – you land a new deal, expand into a new market, move offices, launch a new product or something damaging happens to your business – if you don’t have PR ready, you often end up missing some good media coverage opportunities from your story. Or the chance to make amends for that bad publicity.

Subscribing to PR on Demand means that you will have the expertise, skills and contacts of our team of professional PR experts, on tap for you WHEN YOU NEED IT, to guide, assist, and implement your PR work on a project by project basis.

“Couldn’t have got it into the paper without Lucy Matthews’ wonderful PR on Demand service. It was brilliant and very reasonably priced too – check it out! PR on Demand was perfect for us and we are so delighted with the results. It was really great working with Lucy Matthews – we couldn’t have done this by ourselves. Thrilled to bits and can’t wait to work on the next campaign with Lucy.”

Prue Deane, Accountancy Learning

Want to have PR on tap for when you need it?