A Marvellous Reputation by Lucy Matthews

Amazon #1 Best Seller full of tips, resources and ideas to get PR working for your business.

A Marvellous Reputation is written for people of all sized companies, who hate blowing their own trumpet but who know they are the best at what they do. They really want to show others that they are the person (or business) to be with – as a work colleague, boss, consultant, supplier, therapist, friend, lover, partner, whatever.


It is a collection of the important tactics and fundamentals of good PR, gathered through Lucy’s own 30+year career as a PR expert, and shows how using them strategically can get people talking about you, to seriously help your bottom line profits and your personal happiness.


A Marvellous Reputation is a fun reference book, providing the basic insights and tactics that you can then use to influence the opinions of those people who are important to you, and hence make your personal and work relationships richer, your business profiles higher, and the perceived value of your products and services astronomic. Who would not want that?


What you’ll learn:

  • How to harness the power of third party endorsement to communicate your messages most powerfully to your target audience
  • Why every business should have a crisis management plan
  • The tried and tested formula for getting journalists to talk about you
  • How to be interesting, even when you think you are not
  • How to use PR skills to establish yourself in a new community or refresh your friendship group.
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