Say ‘I Lava You’ this Christmas!

This year’s trending present may take you by surprise. But don’t erupt with lava when we tell you what it is! It’s a rock with a plant growing out of it.

That’s right! This lump of lava emerged red hot – 700°C – from a volcano and now there is a plant growing on it. People are going crazy for it this Christmas!

The lava stone provides support, moisture and nutrients to Lava Plant Davallia, which ’embraces’ the lava with its roots. It’s a special natural combination! Love it or hate it, with its bright feathery foliage and sinister roots, it’s a plant of two halves!

This pretty fern also has a dark secret which is only revealed when grown on lava! Its amazing, spider-like hairy legs are a real talking point; fuzzy rhizomes that give it its common name the ‘Squirrel’s foot fern’. These rhizomes form a lovely contrast with the darker lava stone and the bright green leaves. By continuously producing new ‘feet’ with bright green leaves, Lava Plant Davallia grows into a compact, bushy plant.

Lava rocks are formed when magma cools. These volcanic rocks differ in makeup depending on their origins, but in general, they are usually porous and lightweight. Many have numerous holes called vesicles, which are caused by gas bubbles. Volcanic rocks are a practical choice for hosting epiphytic plants, as the nooks and crannies not only hold water, but give the rhizomes something to cling to. It will flourish in a brightly lit spot (away from direct sunlight), and as it loves high humidity, it’s happiest in bathrooms or kitchens.

The plant draws water from the porous lava stone and the watertight decorative tray. Fill the tray 2/3rds full and ensure that there is always a layer of water in it, otherwise it’ll dry out. Tap water often contains lime, so the stone may turn white over time so if you’d like it to stay black then it’s an idea to use rainwater. The plant initially extracts nutrients from the lava stone and from April to October you only need to give it a quarter of the recommended dose of liquid houseplant fertiliser when watering. It likes a bright place, but avoid direct noonday sun in the summer months.

We think you’ll find this present is even better than that other Christmas treat, Lava Actually! Ok – enough with the puns…

This would make the ideal gift for all green fingered family and friends, particularly that someone that is tricky to buy for – or simply an interesting addition to your own home. It’s available from The Present Finder!


For information, samples and high res images please contact Bracken Jelier

Editors Details

Product details:
Height: 21-30cm/ Spread 21-30cm
Indoor Only
Minimum Temperature Required: 15 degrees
Full care instructions included
Weight: 1500g

Please note pre-orders are being taken now and despatch of the plant will take place mid December 2019.