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“You have to get someone to do PR for you or you have to GET GOOD AT IT yourself. In either case you NEED Lucy Matthews. I first worked with her almost 2 years ago and through learning and building solid relationships, being determined and following a HABIT every week to get a PR piece out there we are reaping the results nationally. In 4 days we had 5 articles published, including Daily Mail and The Guardian and I am gunning for that TV spot (with Lorraine Kelly or Loose Women). As a result we had 176 applications for lessons nationally – we convert 1 in 2, and 18 franchise enquiries – I convert 1 in 8. That’s £50k!”
Jane Maudsley, Little Voices


“Lucy has a wonderful way of presenting information and ensuring you understand each and every concept.”
Jo Miles, Exela


“I had never really been clear on the difference between PR and marketing but Lucy makes it very easy to understand with lots of hints and tips on how we can use it to our advantage to promote our businesses.”
Liz Sprotson, Lawyers on Demand


“Lucy’s a PR Genius – gave me the confidence to just get on with it. Whatever happened to the fluffy PR stuff? Lucy is the new face of PR!”
Laura Moxham, Your Business Angels


“Lucy Matthews clearly knows her stuff and imparts it in an easy to digest way.”
Lorraine Ashover, Minerva


“Simply the best PR material I have used: she explains things with clarity and simplicity. It’s so easy to follow – a god send to my business.”
Laura Beynon, Dot-to-Dot Marketing


“Great advice, professionally presented with lots of great PR tips to action.”
Kerrie Ellis, The Image Advantage


“Lucy makes what seems impossible very do-able.”
Liz Scott, The Image Advantage


“Lucy demystifies the world of PR, making it clear that anyone can have a go and it need not cost a fortune!”
Suzanne Mitchell, Swale Dale Country Holidays