Testimonials from Property Journalists

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lucy and the Marvellous PR team for several years and their strengths are being pro-active and reactive with equal skill. They can produce ideas on behalf of their clients, with a knack of pitching them at the right journalist and the right outlet. When I make a request of their clients they invariably produce material tailored to what I need, delivered when I need it and in the right format.”
Graham Norwood, freelance property journalist for The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, FT and trade publications

“I have worked with Lucy Matthews on several property features and have been impressed by her integrity, professionalism and charm. Obviously extremely hard working, she offers journalists far more than the standard, “one-size-fits all”, sales pitch. Lucy has the ability to tailor the merits of the company she represents to the particular needs of the property pages she has targeted. When she suggests an idea, it demands my serious consideration. There are very few PRs who merit that kind of attention. Lucy has the nous to make contact with journalists on a personal level – she does not hide behind vacuous press releases. She is a charming host during interviews – utterly devoid of sales hype and blarney. I would recommend Lucy Matthews unreservedly to anyone considering making use of her considerable talents as a PR.”
Fred Redwood, freelance property journalist for The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday

“I have always enjoyed working with Lucy and the Marvellous PR team. Not only do they do all the normal things one expects from a good PR: acting promptly, answering queries quickly, supplying case studies and so forth, but they have that added ingredient so many others lack – they can recognise a story.”
Jenny Knight, freelance property journalist for The Telegraph, The Times

“Having had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lucy Matthews and her team on a wide range of property stories for many years, they are invariably my first point of call for accurate information, up to the minute research and great industry contacts. I have always found them to be extremely professional, diligent and responsive.”
Ginetta Vedrickas, freelance property journalist for The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Metro