The PR Paradox

If you’ve been with me for a while, you will have heard me talk about the PR Paradox. It drives me mad and I have dedicated the rest of my working life (and more probably!) to eradicating it!

I was reminded of it again last week at the networking lunch I go to each month.

There I am on a table with several delightful small business owners, and an entrepreneur just starting out in business. And the comment came up again, as it often does after I introduce myself and what I do:

‘I can’t afford to be doing any PR for my business. I would love to but hey it isn’t something businesses like mine can do is it?’

ARGHH. Again. Here are business people with enough nous to attend (and set aside budget for) networking events, so they understand the fundamentals of PR (because networking is pure PR!) but who won’t consider it. Instead they think it is the realm of the multi-national corporation and so continue the cyle of failing to reap the benefits of their efforts.

Remember what the industrialist and philanthropist, John D. Rockefeller said:

‘Next to doing the right thing the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.’

The Paradox of PR is that the very people who need it most, the small businesses, the start-ups, those working their guts out for a better future from their kitchen tables, are the entrepreneurs who need to harness the power of PR the most. However they are also the business people who least understand PR and what amazing differences it can make to their operations, and so don’t consider it.

The paradox of PR for start ups and entrepreneurs