Want to be on TV? Go for it!

We all know anecdotes of products and people who have become overnight successes after being seen on a TV show and their fame going viral. Be brave – you could do that too. You just need a good story and a good pitch.

Being featured in a five minute segment on one of the national TV ‘sofa’ programmes like This Morning can totally change your life and lift your business into the stratosphere. We all know that. And it is something everyone secretly aims for. But how does someone, with no agent or celebrity status, someone still in the shadows of the media, get themselves in front of the producers who decide who features on their programmes?

Here are some secrets for you:

Make sure you get the right contact for your story
Call the receptionist of the TV station and ask for the name, phone number and email address of the producer of the programme you are aiming to be featured on.

Make sure you call at the right time
Again, check with the receptionist when the best time to call the producer is. You don’t want to call just as they are going on air or that will really irritate them.

Be concise and to the point and stress the relevance of your story to the programme
Prepare your pitch by writing bullet points of exactly what your idea is and how relevant it is to the audience of the programme. Mention your expertise and any testimonial you have to prove why you would be the perfect person to be interviewed etc.

Make sure you have everything ready for the pitch
TV producers are very busy and, if they like your idea, may want to run it quickly. So you must make sure you have everything in order BEFORE you pitch it.

Write out what you are going to say before you pitch it
You will need to call them first before you email as your enthusiasm for the subject will really help you sell it to the producer. So write out exactly what you want to say first and rehears it before you get on the phone.

Don’t give up
If you don’t get through by calling and don’t hear anything back from the email, leave it a week and then try again.