What’s the point of attracting journalists?

First let me ask you something…

Do you want to:

  • appear bigger than you actually are?
  • position yourself and your business as experts in your industry?
  • be recognised for how marvellous you, and your business is, and so get more customers?
  • get loads of free publicity for yourself and your business?
  • build on your business relationships?
  • open new markets?
  • attract the best employees and business partners?
  • enhance access to funding and investors?
  • create perceived value for your products and services?
  • protect your business in times of crisis?
  • bring in MORE business, even during a downturn?

If you said yes to any of these, and I am guessing you will have, how do you think you are going to do all this? You are probably (like most of us!) not wanting to show off and tell people straight out what a perfect fit you are for them as that is unsavoury and will probably put them off rather than attract them to you? Right?

Well, you CAN do it and very simply – by understanding and really working properly with the relevant journalists in your target media.

Why? Because those journalists, who are writing in a publication that your target audience reads, are your best way of telling your potential customers, investors, employees, and influencers how marvellous you are, without you having to boast yourself.

As opposed to buying an advertisement, which your customers will probably ignore as they will know it is just you ‘shouting about your business’, if a journalist, whose opinions your potential customers value, writes about you, it immediately gives you third party endorsement and massive credibility.

It helps your customers get to know, like and trust you better, as they will see you as the expert in your industry. Resulting ultimately in them giving YOU their business rather than your competitors.

Afterall, we know how the media can affect OUR opinions, don’t we? So it can do the same with your potential customers. If you learn how to appeal to your target journalists, you can really influence the way they present you and your business to your potential clients.

And it is FREE!

NO money changes hands between you and the journalist, so it is a very cost-effective marketing tool.

That is why it is a well-known rule of thumb that a piece of editorial is worth 500 times the cost of an advertisement.

Why? Because it carries that vital third party endorsement.

Which means – the journalist has written it, not you!

So it is really worth making an effort, attracting and getting to know your journalists and learning how to successfully work with them, and that way you’ll get some free editorial and the time you put in will be a great return on your investment.