You Can Now Buy Gin Mayo in the UK!

We all have a friend who loves mayonnaise on EVERYTHING. And we all know someone that collects and savours every drop of gin!

Well now you can combine the two with a brand new product that’s intriguing gin lovers and delighting foodies!

Invented in Amsterdam by the famous ‘Gin & Mussel’ bar in the city Gin Mayo is the perfect condiment for popping into someone’s Christmas stocking!

Gin Mayo is a deliciously curious blend of gourmet ‘Zaanse Mayonaise’, tomato puree and a hint of botanically infused Bobby’s Dry Gin (5%). It’s perfect for pairing with dishes including mussels, french fries, burgers, good old fish and chips, seafood and pizza.

It’s a huge hit in Amsterdam, became popular right across Holland and is now for sale exclusively through The Present Finder in the UK.


Josh Shelter, co-owner of the Amsterdam restaurant Mussel & Gin said: “We experimented with many different gins at Mussel & Gin and for mass production we have chosen Bobby’s Gin, because it is a crazy spicy gin, which gives the gin mayo a good kick.”

The Present Finder sent the product out on to the streets of Plymouth’s Barbican, famous for it’s fish and chips and asked them their opinions.


Here’s what they said!

“Oh my God! That’s nice. That would make a great present for my gin loving friends. Where can I buy it?!”

“I can definitely taste the gin! That’s very interesting!”

“It’s not bad but I wouldn’t run a mile for it.”

“That’s different! Very nice for seafood. Even better than Thousand Island. Can I have another bit?!”

“Really nice. I wouldn’t have said it was gin, but it’s really nice.”

“I’m getting mayo, but not of gin. Tastes seafoody!”

“That’s nice. I’d put it on anything!”

Get yours in time for Christmas > Priced only £4.99


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Product details:
Size: 170ml
ABV: 2%
Product can be stored in your food cupboard until opened. Once opened store in fridge
Suitable for: Soya-free, Vegetarian
Extra Information: No artificial ingredients, preservatives, colourings or sweetners. Egg free, sugar free, mustard free and celery free
You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product. By purchasing, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.
Do not mix with your favourite tonic!